Why choose us?

  • Pick's Photo has the experience, training and highest quality equipment to assure you the best photo's available.

  • We can print your photos on state of the art equipment, produce top quality digital files, scan and restore your old photo's and satisfy any photographic needs from wallets to Billboards.

  • Our Kiosk offer High Quality, lasting prints without waiting in line or having someone looking over your shoulder. Just a short walk from your parking.

A Few Words About Us

Imagine a digital artist, trained by the top photography experts of our era. Training for lighting and technique from Joe McNally and David Hobby, philosophy, visualization and technique by Jay Maisel, printing, visualization and composition from Michael Reichman, photo editing, marketing and management from Seth Resnick, composition and vision from Clyde Butcher, Gary Stanley and John Shaw. Not classroom or computer lessons but hands on in the field training.

Now if we could pair that training with 20 years experience, the finest equipment, the largest modern studio and the creativity and passion to elevate and promote your business or personnel persona, how far do you think you would need to travel? 50 miles? 100 miles? New York? Atlanta?

The answer is right in your area. You have the access to a teaching professional digital artist right here. Why would someone with those credentials work in our area? Because it is my home and we deserve the quality without the travel.

Let us discuss your needs and plan your path to achieve your goals. Remember a photo speaks a 1000 words. Done correctly they will be the words you wish to speak. Done incorrectly they may be the words of your competitor.


Our team